At Le Caramel, we believe that natural, local and simple ingredients are the key to great products. Since 2009, we have been cooking each batch of caramel, meticulously following the recipes handed down to us by Daniel Palix, the best French caramel maker. After travelling around France with him for a year to learn how to make caramel, where he shared with us his traditional "savoir-faire", we gained passion and expertise.

We are FDA registered, third party audit compliant and Kosher certified. We also use GMO free ingredients.


We are committed to create the most flavorful and delicious caramel, using the traditional French recipe.

With their rich and smooth texture, drizzle one of our delicious cream over your favorite dessert: from ice cream to apples, to pancakes… The possibilities are endless!

It’s the classical way to enjoy caramel: unwrap and let the caramel slowly melt in your mouth to reveal its wonderful taste.

We also sell a dairy-free caramel syrupcaramel filled chocolates and Belgian homemade waffles for #WaffleWednesday (only in our store)

Available services:

  • Wholesale 
  • Contract packaging
  • Private label
  • Product development

Contact us at or (619) 562 0713 to discuss with us your caramel need!

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