Le Caramel has given us the opportunity to stand for causes that we care for.

We have been working for 5 years now with two amazing organizations:

  • Partnership With Industry, which allows adults with disabilities to work for  companies in San Diego. They are an essential part of our Team.

  • The Autism Tree Project Foundation, which helps families impacted by autism. Their main goal is to screen as many children as possible free of charge in the San Diego  Area. Early intervention in autism is key and you can really change people’s life. By purchasing one of our Autism Sea Salt Caramel Candies, you support ATPF.

    As parents, we know how important healthy habits are. In order to transfer our love of good food, we often welcome classes or scout troops in our factory for visits. We also love to take part in educational activities about good eating habits.

    Every day, we feel so lucky to be here in San Diego with two wonderful kids, working in our factory with a great team, cooking products we love and helping our community through different ways. This is the life we had dreamed of!

    Christen & Vincent, owners of Le Caramel.
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