The Basket Corner—Summer Corporate Design Consultations

It is never too early to start thinking about the holidays, especially when it comes to planning a corporate event. Here are a couple of tips to help you successfully plan (and pull off) your next holiday event.

Pick a Theme

Beach BBQ? Winter wonderland? Star Wars? You should always pick a theme as a first step. It helps narrow down your decision-making options later.

(Did you know that The Basket Corner can create gift options and centerpieces to match any theme?)

Pick a Location

Once you have a solid theme, find a venue and a date that works with your schedule and budget. Venues book fast, especially around the holidays. Give yourself at least six months to find the perfect spot.

Once you have it, you may as well finalize the rest of the event details…

Pick a Caterer

Food is important, so budget accordingly. While catering typically takes up the majority of your event expense, it does not mean you need to go overboard.

Decide whether you would prefer a formal meal, a buffet banquet or a casual evening of appetizers. Pick a time that works best for your food selection.

If you are worried that some of your guests may leave a little hangry, offer a bag of creamy caramels or an artisan gift basket from The Basket Corner as a parting gift.

Book your free consultation with The Basket Corner to learn about many of our affordable options. 619.562.0713

Pick a Centerpiece

Centerpieces are important additions to the ambiance of a location. Not only are they beautiful decorations on any tabletop, they also centralize the theme of the event.

Gift basket centerpieces are trending. The Basket Corner provides gorgeous centerpiece ideas that can be brought home and enjoyed as delectable treats—long after the party is over. (Of course, our favorite centerpieces always include our award-winning French caramels.)

Book your free consultation this summer and get ahead of your event planning. We can customize any order to preferences of taste, budget, size, color and theme. Call us today! 619.562.0713

Pick a Partner

Giving thanks during the holidays is important, but so is giving back to the community.

Le Caramel and The Basket Corner support several local organizations, including the Autism Tree Project Foundation. They provide free autism screening to many children in the greater San Diego area.

We suggest finding a community partner that speaks to your organization, as much as the ATPF speaks to us. 

With a bit of entertainment, your party will be the most talked about corporate event of the year!



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