Have You Tasted Real Caramel, Yet?

Oui know. Oui know… You are wondering if we can celebrate National Caramel Day (April 05) when our French caramel recipe is technically international? And the answer is, “Oui!” Yes, our caramel is known and adored in France, but for the past ten years, we have been proudly distributing it to American customers from our factory showroom in sunny San Diego!


Our French caramels are made very different from the caramels you grew up with in the U.S. And if you haven’t tried real caramel, don’t despair. You are probably not alone.


While the British invented toffee, the “soft toffee,” or caramel, invented by Americans crossed the pond in the 1880s, soon enough creating a universal demand in England. Unfortunately, mass-producers cut corners, substituting (products) … until, as one writer of the time reported, “competition stepped in with the usual result—the prices lowered, the quality suffered, until anything cut into the shape were called caramels.... The very name has almost become a synonym for rubbish.”‡

 More than one hundred and twenty-five years later, one might say that most Americans have never tasted a real caramel—only “rubbish…”

‡Skuse’s Complete Confectioner, [W.J.Bush & Co.:London] 189? (p. 60-61).

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Le Caramel’s award-winning caramel candies taste nothing like your typical supermarket brands. (They are delicious, creamy and … did we already mention, delicious?)


The recipe was handed-down from the renowned Daniel Palix—France's famous caramel-maker—a year after owners Christen and Vincent Kugener studied his expert savoir-faire. Le Caramel sources most of their ingredients locally, uses GMO-free ingredients, are Kosher certified, FDA registered and third party audit compliant.


One taste and you will understand why indulging in Le Caramel’s caramel candies, is the best way to celebrate National Caramel Day.

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